Dwelling Coverage

What Is Dwelling Coverage?

Whether your home is physically damaged due to a disaster or someone is injured on your property, homeowner’s insurance gives you the financial means to rebuild or to avoid legal hassles. Most policies offer different types of coverage to protect your home, such as dwelling coverage, which covers the cost of repairs to your home’s structure.

Dwelling coverage, also called dwelling insurance, provides coverage for damage caused by a natural disaster, theft or vandalism. Floods and earthquakes typically require separate coverage.

What’s covered...

You can expect dwelling insurance to pay for any electrical work, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning repairs if the damage was caused by a covered event. Be sure that your policy provides enough coverage to pay for the costs to rebuild.

What’s not covered...

Note that structures on your property that do not share a foundation with your home might not qualify as part of your dwelling. Therefore, they may not be covered under dwelling coverage. For example, a detached garage, a guest house or a backyard shed are likely to be excluded from dwelling coverage. To get these structures covered, you can obtain additional coverage, also known as “other structures protection.”

As an essential part of homeowner’s insurance, dwelling coverage allows you to repair, rebuild and reclaim your space — so you can quickly get on the road to recovery.